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I don’t hate Jews
I just feel better when they’re all dead
  • Adolf Hitler
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Just a jack of all trade
Introvert: People who doesn’t necessary hate/afraid of company but just prefer to be alone in their own private-sphere.  
Social phobia alias social anxiety: People who are afraid to be in the company of other people due to personal experience or social difficulties.
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World's biggest idiot xD
@Yet One More Idiot
It is NOT. Introversion is something different. This is more like social phobia if anything.
I am an introvert. I’m fine being in the company of other people for a bit, but I often just prefer to be alone and do my own thing without having to put all my energy into socialising.
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Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.
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Son of the Young Master
I don’t hate other people. I just live my life with low expectations and assume that everyone I haven’t met in the world already hates me.

I think that’s how everybody feels when we get older and enter adulthood. We say we choose comradery and freindship just so we don’t appear strange or ant-social. I say we as in we a society. Human beings are naturaly social by nature but at the same time anti-social. Like when we are still kids gowing up through adolescence; we want to be accepted, we want to be popular, we want to be loved by others, we get so wrapped up in our need to be accepted that we begin to worry about what others think about us. Cue social media. But as we get older, we receive more and more responsibilities, like owning a car, paying rent or mortgage, paying bills, ect. Those responsibilities eventually take over the social needs of one at adolescence and become actual needs. Like you put in your time at work or your at home watching your kids, at the end of it all we are so tapped out that we don’t have time for anyone else because we are so desperate for quality “ME” time. The thought of social interactions just stress us out, simply put because our minds and bodies are still trying to process the events of the day. But we attend social gatherings and events simply because we don’t to be left out, or seem rude, or because we hold some kind of deep desire of validation that we are going to receive just for our presnce being there.
We call introverts freaks, outcats, and pariahs. But in truth we ourselves are actually jealous of them because of their quality of life. Someone who actually has time to do the things they enjoy or someone who is has time to learn a new skill. We (again as a society) look down upon those who don’t seem to have a lot of friends or keep to themselves. When in reality a lot of those people have gone to achieve some great things.
We don’t hate others but at the same time just want to be left alone all the same.
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I’m not racist I just feel better when mexicans and muslims are out of my country. - Trump