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With the power of friendship, even chickens can fly!
safe1750766 artist:heretichesh1232 apple bloom50971 scootaloo51917 sweetie belle49730 earth pony266008 pegasus309219 pony1010721 unicorn342373 adorabloom2947 blushing204696 bow29977 cute205729 cutealoo2947 cutie mark crusaders19326 diasweetes2987 fluttering58 hair bow16380 happy32186 juice1365 juice box950 levitation12570 magic75396 magic aura4650 scootaloo can fly766 scootalove1708 sketch64556 smiling261041 straining203 straw2032 sweat27647 sweetie belle's magic brings a great big smile223 telekinesis28735 watching1275


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