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Weather Ponies…
safe1859656 artist:tjpones3461 rainbow dash249199 twilight sparkle319722 alicorn253163 pegasus355390 pony1203839 black and white14352 clothes518120 cloud34714 cold1007 floppy ears59149 grayscale41484 hat99292 lineart22389 monochrome157986 on a cloud2079 rainbow douche343 scarf26090 shivering2229 simple background454564 sitting71805 sitting on a cloud261 snow15754 snowfall4901 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132286 white background114949


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Background Pony #E22F
Honestly I thought Dash was in a bush creeping on Twilight. But I see it now.
That could still be the case, you know.
Especially if Rainbow Dash has some weird kink for ponies in clothing.
”Rainbow! It’s already freezing, why do you keep making it colder?!”  
“Uh… hey, I just do what they tell me. If it bothers you, you can always just… you know, add a few more layers.”  
“Why did you lick your lips like that?”  
“No I didn’t!“

I think all types of ponies are very resistant to cold temperatures, given all the times we see them out in winter and in the snow without coats with absolutely no discomfort.
It takes magical blizzard-level weather (Windigoes, the Crystal Empire without the heart, Rarity’s accidental blizzard) to make ponies start showing that they’re cold, at which point pegasi are affected the same as the other.
Background Pony #9C2A
Alicorns don’t get superior insulating pegasus chest floof along with the wings, then?
Background Pony #5B5C
Earth Ponies and Unicorns: I hate how cold it gets in the winter!  
Pegasi: Haha, other ponies go brr.