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safe1769614 artist:harwick272 carrot top5591 golden harvest5591 marble pie6736 spike81122 twilight sparkle308412 alicorn236091 dragon59654 earth pony274349 pony1029598 balloon10514 basket3252 box4879 buy some apples137 carrot2181 commission74808 cute207981 food74120 gem6359 levitation12767 magic76358 marblebetes634 market274 pun7746 raised hoof49337 rock4669 sale493 sign4183 spikabetes2113 stand648 telekinesis29171 tomato373 twiabetes12371 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127143 winged spike8606 wings126767


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Background Pony #EE15
Huh, so that doesn’t involve plutonium then. Makes sense, given those would be uranium-based, more likely.
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I miss the show so much
In geology, a pluton is a body of intrusive igneous rock (also called plutonic rock) that is crystallized from magma slowly cooling below the surface of the Earth.
“Plutonic rock” sounds like a music genre, or a rock band. Perfect for the Pie sisters.
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