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safe1654051 artist:harwick259 carrot top5361 golden harvest5361 marble pie6330 spike77121 twilight sparkle293585 alicorn214331 dragon53232 earth pony229600 pony918533 balloon9943 basket2875 box4490 buy some apples130 carrot2019 commission63014 cute191848 food66897 gem5802 levitation11593 magic70641 marblebetes560 market229 pun7362 raised hoof42840 rock4250 sale469 sign3874 spikabetes1954 stand615 telekinesis26589 tomato344 twiabetes11257 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120789 winged spike8120


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Huh, so that doesn't involve plutonium then. Makes sense, given those would be uranium-based, more likely.
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The magic's gone :-(
In geology, a pluton is a body of intrusive igneous rock (also called plutonic rock) that is crystallized from magma slowly cooling below the surface of the Earth.

"Plutonic rock" sounds like a music genre, or a rock band. Perfect for the Pie sisters.