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safe1615619 artist:yakovlev-vad460 princess celestia91172 princess luna95499 oc627042 alicorn206059 pony883416 armor22332 blushing182545 bow25828 braid4948 braided tail1056 braiding89 burger king86 burger king crown8 butt41489 cutie mark43850 duo52834 female1286103 glowing horn17708 helmet9898 horn52055 magic68440 mare439472 paint1807 paintbrush1524 plot73080 royal guard7155 royal sisters4060 s1 luna7034 sisters7899 sweat24226 sweatdrop2893 tail bow5014 wide eyes16353 wings87720 younger15966


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Dark cloud

I remember that Princess Celestia should be much taller than any guard in the castle. However, I love the Princesses in the shape of filly.
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EAW Panzerfuchs
Oh, yeah, that brings back memories of my time on guard duty. ;-D

The situation is even more funny when you imagine that the poor guy can’t move like a Queen’s Guard. ;-)
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Poor guy, he has to stand at attention the entire time and if he changes in any way his ass is grass.
I don’t know how he managed to not get an erection during this ordeal, man’s a legend and chad.
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Awww, he stood there and allowed the little princesses give him a makeover. :)

Give that guard a promotion!