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Dumb Yung Six comic 10: Good with kids
safe1863565 artist:skunkstripe115 ocellus5783 princess cadance35196 princess flurry heart8139 shining armor24861 alicorn253866 changedling9519 changeling54257 pony1208031 unicorn394840 2 panel comic1827 boils13 comic117801 dialogue73759 dumb yung-six comics18 foal21061 high res74522 nightmare fuel4003 no pupils4723 peekaboo190 transformation12678 word balloon375


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@Background Pony #EDEF
I like to think that in every generation, there’s the kid that loves monsters and horror. Like I mentioned before I didn’t develop an appreciation for the genre until a bit later, but my brother always had. Now he collects them, VHS, DVD, and Blue-Ray. He doesn’t much care for some of the newer stuff though, too much CGI he says.
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Background Pony #EDEF
I can appreciate this. I was a big fan of horror in grade school. Whenever they passed around the crayons I always drew things like dinosaurs and dragons eating people and devils torturing people in Hell. Got me sent to summer school for being a weirdo.
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@Lord Of Dorkness  
I never thought Gremlins was a horror movie as a kid. I mean wah it had some gruesome scenes like the microwave scene and all that. I think it was mostly because of Gizmo.
My older brother though, he was all about horror when we were growing up (he still is but he’s straight film buff) when he was in the second grade he would draw pictures of dinosaurs (I think he was going for Godzilla) eating people and destroying buildings and his teacher thought that he might have been disturbed at the time. But you gotta figure most kids at that time were into G.I.Joe and Transformers while he was Just obsessed with the Universal Monsterverse like the Mummy, Dracula, Creature of the Black Lagoon ect.
I also have an appreciation for the horror genre but my brother was practically raised on it.
Which is why I can see Flurry kinda being the same way as depicted here.
Now I just want to see an older version of her in a horror movie buff setup.
“Hmm let’s see…what do we have here? Black Christmas?! Huh kinda sounds like what we have when Aunt Chryssy comes to visit during Hearth’s Warming Eve.”
Lord Of Dorkness
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Got in a lot of trouble for that as a horror loving kid…
Had a whole list of favorite movies I was NOT allowed to watch while my younger brother was around, or he’d have wake screaming level night terrors for days. Ghostbusters 1&2, Gremlins, Robocop, The Witches, and… The Twelve Tasks of Asterix, are the ones I recall off the top of my head.
(The creepy seer freaked him out, for that last one. FIY.)
In the age of VHS, so… yeah. Was not happy with that rule.

My seccond older brother practically grew up with horror movies, but I’m talking like Bella Lugosi’s Dracula, Lon Chaney’s the Wolf Man, I mean old school. Then he got into Godzilla and King Kong (theres going to be a rematch). Then after that the zombie horror sub-genre, then slashers, then splatter, the list goes on and on. I didn’t get into horror until about 3rd or 4th grade. Nowadays I can sit through just about anything.
On another note the only other character I could see having a Film Buff reveiw channel would be Juniper Montage, but unlike Flurry Heart’s channel which would focus around sci-fi/horror Juniper’s channel would cover multiple genres depending on the month. Like November she covers the Noir genre, October she covers well, horror, December she would cover movies like Die Hard an Silent Night Deadly Night (With special guest Flurry Heart). In the later months she would cover other genres like spaghetti westerns, grindhouse revenge flicks, sci-fi, matial-arts flicks like from the Shaw Brothers era to current, stuff like that.
Thats pretty cool. Did she go around telling her classmates that “they’ll float too!”

Like she has a basement cellar thats just wall to wall shelves of VHS tapes, DVD’s, and Blue Rays. As well as movie posters in marquis frames of titles like Alien, The Thing, They Live, The Pit and of course Evil Dead.
“Yeah I was considered the weird foal by other fillies and colts growing up. For instance, back when I was in second grade everypony wanted to watch Aladdin or The Lion King and I wanted to watch stuff like Dawn of the Dead and Child’s Play.”
While wearing a Good Guy’s shirt.
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Of course Flurry Heart’s the one enjoying this while her parents are freaking the f*ck out: that just makes the irony of this twice as hilarious.:D

I am human, hear me err.
Ocellus is such an entertainer.
I think the most interesting thing about this image is that the biggest negative reaction is coming from Cadence and Shining Armor, who aren’t seeing what their daughter is seeing; and Flurry Heart’s enjoying the view.