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She’ll be your weird ethereal waifu :D
safe1755463 artist:badumsquish2013 derpibooru exclusive29393 nightshade471 monster pony3626 pegasus310942 pony1015419 friendship is magic3047 adorasexy10160 clothes477451 costume28669 cute206278 dialogue68243 disguise5003 empty51 ethereal body7 flirting1519 fog929 heart50232 implied transformation476 inviting628 living clothes121 living suit272 looking at you176420 magic75615 raised eyebrow6705 sexy30801 shadowbolts1663 shadowbolts (nightmare moon's minions)80 shadowbolts costume1188 show accurate17087 sitting65787 smiling262623 spread wings57333 talking to viewer2952 undressing5364 wings123995


not provided yet


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Background Pony #C045
Well, I really don’t see the harm in wearing her…..  
just as long as she doesn’t try to kill me, of course. XD