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She’ll be your weird ethereal waifu :D
safe1765921 artist:badumsquish2021 derpibooru exclusive29632 nightshade473 monster pony3679 pegasus314946 pony1025836 friendship is magic3064 adorasexy10211 clothes481104 costume29019 cute207520 dialogue68778 disguise5054 empty51 ethereal body7 flirting1531 fog938 heart50621 implied transformation481 inviting634 living clothes123 living suit279 looking at you177943 magic76151 raised eyebrow6743 sexy31051 shadowbolts1674 shadowbolts (nightmare moon's minions)80 shadowbolts costume1196 show accurate17324 sitting66296 smiling265525 spread wings57948 talking to viewer2996 undressing5389 wings126003


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Background Pony #C045
Well, I really don’t see the harm in wearing her…..  
just as long as she doesn’t try to kill me, of course. XD