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explicit361503 artist:alcor1005 fluttershy217260 oc711995 oc:anon11935 human158961 pegasus309182 pony1010607 comic:hearts aflutter22 abdominal bulge6534 alcor is trying to murder us16 anatomically correct24795 anus100254 blushing204664 comic111481 crotchboobs21815 female1401934 heart eyes17513 human on pony action10712 interspecies23593 loving gaze151 loving tender sex175 mare502211 nipples175415 nudity382341 penetration61021 sex125720 vaginal41057 vulva132325 wingding eyes23457 wings123124 yellow anus3 yellow nipples22


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This is really beautiful! ♡
I don't see stuff like this being uploaded here often, which is a shame, 'cause it really is something magical.
This isn't just plain porn art we're used to, it's REAL LOVE-making.
I also really like the narration on Fluttershy's POV, it makes it even more romantic and pure! 😍
Background Pony #3A23
Maybe anon is a tiny bit to gentel, dont get me wrong but all i waited for from the first pikture is that anon opens fluttershy to the World of Kink and some bizare games and twisted fun.

(hmm … i dont consider Human on Pony aktion as something bizar… well… i know why im still around on Derpybooru)

@ Alcor
Are the comics in the same continius World? Is Anon fucking Twilight, Raraty and posible the rest of the ManeSix or even hole ponyvile plus canterlot and still mange to merry Fluttershy? Or is every Comic a singel story?

By the way i want to see some Hybrid Offspring too… not as babys… maybe something around one and half decate plus a few years to be safe later :P
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I'm happy you're making more 'MLP' porn, no argument there, but it'd be great if you added these keywords when appropriate:

"vaginal" aka "vaginal penetration"
vaginal insertion
"anal" aka "anal penetration"
anal insertion
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Hoofsies Rule
this is becoming more and more beautiful even though its so nice you could say its reached its peak but oohhhh it looks like that peak will come later, until then the best lovemaking with best pony will continue <3
much love <3 <3 <3