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semi-grimdark32636 artist:khajiit_1232 oc808914 oc only597453 oc:bing45 oc:breezy165 earth pony337807 pony1264641 atomic bomb187 balloon11452 balloon popping251 bone3623 bow35787 clothes539574 cute228069 dark comedy694 death5608 explosion2411 fat man (bomb)9 female1552549 frown27353 grimcute373 hair bow19995 hoof hold10272 looking up19768 male440989 mare587022 nuclear bomb10 nuclear weapon275 ocbetes7039 open mouth187136 popping353 raised hoof57217 raised leg9527 ribbon8002 scarf27078 shocked8523 simple background479812 skeleton2183 stallion140837 this ended in death152 wat20481 weapon35367 white background123332 wide eyes18472


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