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According to the Russian Licensing Summit Online, Pony Life will not be stopping with it's single season this year. An infographic during their main presentation revealed a 2021 second season in Spring, probably following closely to the release of the first if Hasbro's usual seasonal schedule is any indication.
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Background Pony #4C92
Who knows if that original plan has changed, because it’s been 3 years since those leaks. Stuff like that tends to happen with other franchises. Due to lack of information, I cannot say for sure. Unless more brand new leaks arrive, I have no decent hypothesis to think of.

I was saying it because it kinda made sense to me. After dealing with a long running, exhausting, complex, and successful series unlike previous incarnations, sometimes it’s best to let things chill and not overwork stuff.
Background Pony #0B51
@Background Pony #4C92
Uh, no? It's still 1 year — 1 season. It's just first half of the season is in second half of one year, and second half of the season is in first half of other year.
Background Pony #4C92
@Background Pony #9025
Interesting that the seasons of G5 are going to take a lot longer than the yearly seasons we had before. 1 complete season per two years.

Who knows if it will return to its cutesy side like G1-3. My guess is that it might, because they need some time to calm down and chill after a long running adventurous series.
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@Background Pony #9025
The first half of Season 1 is in 2022? That's… a while. Hopefully by then they'll have every single kink worked out and every single scene animated well enough. This schedule's way more forgiving than the original, so at the very least they're sure to come up with something truly special…

God I am hyped. OcO
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Background Pony #9025

Premiere Calendar
We invite you to Hasbro License Summit in October 2020
Pony Life Season 1 — Fall 2020
Pony Life Season 2 — Spring 2021
G5 Movie — Fall 2021
G5 44 min Special — Spring 2022
G5 Show Season 1 (first half) — Fall 2022
G5 Show Season 1 (second half) — Spring 2023
G5 Show Season 2 (first half) — Fall 2023
G5 Show Season 2 (second half) — Spring 2024
Videos, music videos, digital content, toys — always.
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Background Pony #BAF2
I’m intrigued with the 44 minute special. Is it somehow tied to G4? Is it a prologue to G5? We’ll find out in 2022.
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Background Pony #8417
Insert the screams and whails of all the Pony Life detractors and G4 purists
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