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【小马塔罗牌】NO.17 (可西光辉×提雷克) 以七原罪为灵感,背后的六只小恶魔分别是七原罪中的的傲慢、暴怒、色欲、嫉妒、懒惰、暴食(应该能从表情中看的出来吧?),他们正在为可西光辉带上犄角和尾巴,将原本的天马双翅变为恶魔双翼,并赋予她“贪婪”的罪行,我们可怜的提雷克只是对紧靠着自己的可西光辉感到无语,而从未知道自己的背后正在发生什么……(哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈)
safe1755534 artist:animesoul55 artist:阿尼米3 cozy glow7749 lord tirek5425 centaur3575 demon3108 human159360 backless687 bare shoulders2949 cheek squish958 clothes477484 demon tail91 dress46191 ear piercing27944 elf ears2025 female1406262 hug29214 hug from behind444 humanized102094 looking at you176431 male389620 mary janes1150 mask7112 pantyhose3492 piercing43300 shoes38926 skirt41205 squishy cheeks2488 strapless1756 tarot card680 winged humanization8857 wings124014


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