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safe2118614 artist:artyshock11 derpy hooves56329 doctor whooves11642 time turner11642 earth pony423514 pegasus471685 pony1479739 g41930859 bed55213 bedroom15877 bedroom eyes79217 blanket7231 boop9092 cel shading845 chest fluff61823 commission110684 cuddling10384 cute257271 derpabetes3630 detailed background2133 duo156593 duo male and female4374 ear fluff47507 eyes closed133729 female1740147 flower37523 flower pot317 grin60048 happy42789 hug36358 male529548 mare703583 open mouth225492 open smile26476 pillow24566 raised hoof66624 shading3855 ship:doctorderpy1657 shipping245960 size difference20274 smiling377084 spread wings88516 stallion184233 straight172426 wings208343 ych result35259


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