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la comida fue excelente
safe1637893 artist:wheatley r.h.159 derpibooru exclusive26511 oc642029 oc only426353 oc:tailcoatl160 pegasus265429 pony903633 female1303828 happy29452 mare449056 mexican flag28 mexico589 mouth hold16313 nation ponies1341 pegasus wings190 ponified39469 raised hoof42003 running5569 september 16th6 simple background370230 smiling229886 solo1019000 spread wings50738 traditional art113477 vector74093 watermark14997 wings92669


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Background Pony #7A82
after doing a little research, i learned this pony is an aztec ruler, which sounds cool until you remember they did those blood and even human sacrifices. One was to take a rope with spikes with a sharp needle on the end and pull that spike rope through their fricking tongue. Thats something to think about this pony. Tailcoatl probably doesn't do the cut-open-the-chest-and-take-out-the-heart sacrifices, thats for the priests, but she definitely has no problem with it.