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Melody lives in my head rent free.

Starfire and Velvet in some wacky chance meet a ‘sister’ from another dimension.

Their all Flash x Twilight kids and the thought has been in my head for a while. :3
Would Melody travel to alternative timelines to see if things are the same as hers? Maybe lmao
Starfire internally like take Velvet, she’s all yours I don’t want her. XDDD
safe1637229 artist:chelseawest268 oc641557 oc:melody aurora106 oc:starfire27 oc:velvet (chelseawest)1 alicorn210591 pony902540 unicorn294256 baby10034 baby pony6296 female1303143 interdimensional siblings147 mare448632 offspring36178 parent:flash sentry2795 parent:twilight sparkle7826 parents:flashlight2398 simple background369995 transparent background192201


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