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A completely different universe from my mainline mlp fusion series and all it’s characters I had. Meant to be a more random fusion story in which I really never thought much into it.
Anyways commissioning :iconeternaljonathan:  
I bring you this comic based of the “Princess Fusion” and “Super Stallion” comics is this comic. Now including more fusions and the return of our two characters/fusions Princess Universe and Prince Hunk as during what is suppose to be a fun recreation day turns far more interesting.
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Done again by :iconeternaljonathan
safe1767771 artist:eternaljonathan561 applejack174634 cheese sandwich4083 donut joe811 fancypants1967 pinkie pie221687 rainbow dash240156 rarity187062 soarin'14270 oc720774 oc:party fashion7 oc:streaking sour apple8 alicorn235783 earth pony273533 pegasus315674 pony1027663 unicorn349626 comic:super party fusion22 alicorn oc27997 beam286 butt81036 canterlot5899 canterlot castle2294 clipboard1267 clothes481859 comic112295 commissioner:bigonionbean2093 cowboy hat17695 cup6599 cutie mark50511 deflation140 dialogue68882 energy117 female1416811 flank1607 fusion5421 fusion:party fashion7 fusion:streaking sour apple7 glasses65695 hat91844 horn80412 huge butt10509 jewelry70285 jiggle1717 lab coat2271 large butt18461 light1554 magic76256 maid6117 male393397 mare509945 plot83133 scientist402 shrink53 snorting537 stallion118258 steam1994 stetson5066 thicc ass1392 thought bubble3621 wings126353 writer:bigonionbean1803


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