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A completely different universe from my mainline mlp fusion series and all it's characters I had. Meant to be a more random fusion story in which I really never thought much into it.

Anyways commissioning :iconeternaljonathan:
I bring you this comic based of the "Princess Fusion" and "Super Stallion" comics is this comic. Now including more fusions and the return of our two characters/fusions Princess Universe and Prince Hunk as during what is suppose to be a fun recreation day turns far more interesting.

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Done again by :iconeternaljonathan
safe1583813 artist:eternaljonathan535 applejack159612 cheese sandwich3654 donut joe753 fancypants1786 pinkie pie204128 rainbow dash220593 rarity170788 soarin'13335 oc607310 alicorn199037 earth pony204971 pegasus246387 pony854450 unicorn272867 comic:super party fusion20 alicorn oc22633 beam251 butt31993 canterlot5172 canterlot castle1865 clipboard1087 clothes413646 comic101220 commissioner:bigonionbean1517 cowboy hat13460 cup5599 cutie mark41929 deflation117 dialogue59492 energy96 female1180948 flank1250 fusion4535 glasses55065 hat77042 horn47226 huge butt8413 jewelry52884 jiggle1518 lab coat2027 large butt13592 light1300 magic66428 maid5304 male309254 mare425809 plot71368 scientist361 shrink44 snorting460 stallion94032 steam1643 stetson4804 thicc ass869 thought bubble3026 wings80767 writer:bigonionbean1259


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