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Apple Jack > Sod Buster > Hyx
suggestive129548 artist:pony quarantine624 oc608143 oc only408546 oc:anon11075 oc:hyx2 alicorn199296 human144279 alicorn oc22666 bandana4830 clothes414171 horn47404 imminent pony on human action2 pigtails4037 propositioning86 shirt21648 simple background348614 text51921 vulgar19410 white background87127 wings81037


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Imagine, if you will, an alternative reality. One where a Applejack ascends to being alicorn thru a ritual/amulet mcguffin thing. YEAH, Princess Applejack of Harvests, praise the fields. But after a while, she doesn't feel loved/respected enough and she lets that eat at her till she manifests a nightmare form, I'm gonna call it Sod Buster. Maybe her family has 9to come together and show here that the only love she needed was her family and friends she already had. Sod Buster is defeated/poofed and they have their Princess Applejack back,win win. Things return to normal but maybe there are some fanatics that like Sod Buster in all her fury and decide "Yeah, that was MY kind of crazy!" and attempt to bring her back with, maybe a crown she left behind and some blood magic. Interruption occurs, misspoke words, circles get smudged maybe, a portal gets opened and the forming mass that was to be Sod Buster gets scrambled thru it and sent to reality pretty close to where the canon happens. Now, without anyone that knew what she was suppose to be, she just gets to be a dumb hick stereotype.

TL:DR Applejack> Sod Buster> Hyx
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And there she is, the princess of southern stereotypes. For unknown (probably Discord-related reasons), her magic aura always forms in the pattern of a confederate flag.
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I believe Styx is the daughter of Nyx in mythology (along with the river being named after her) if anyone wants to do something with that.
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…also. (why do these things come to me only after I click "post?")

Does she come from the same place her sisters did?

>oh noes, it's Nightmare Apple
>"The apples will last forever! Moohoohahahahaha!"
>"What does that even MEAN?"
>"Never mind that, hit her with the Elements!"
>"Do we even still HAVE those?"
>BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT goes the Rainbow Brainwash Laser & Electroshock Therapy Spell
>"Girls, what happened? And where's my hat?"
>"Hi, y'all!"
>"Who are you, and why do you have mah hat?"
>"I'm Hyx. Hyuck!"
>"Are we gonna create a new misunderstood demon pony every time somepony gets possessed by the Nightmare Force?"
>"Looks like it."
>"Gimme back mah hat."
>"Fight ya fer it! Hyuck!"
>such is life in the Zone
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Do I sense a pattern here, and will there be even more offensive amusing names for new characters?