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RT will often sit with Quick Coffee on his lunch breaks. Usually shy eating in front of others, but Coffee makes her feel comfortable and relaxed, probably because he usually wolfs his snacks down before she can even blink.

With others there always needs to be some kind of forced conversations and pauses but the two of them can go nuts on their grub quite happily sharing the audible 'mmms' and 'noms' every now again. They plan on going on food crawls sometime soon, trying all the best restaurants in Equestria and choosing their favourites, here's hoping they will have a good exercise routine for after the fact, those two are blubby enough already :p (Lick)

Illustrated and written by :iconrainbowtashie:
safe1601341 artist:rainbowtashie614 donut joe760 soarin'13393 oc617272 oc:quick coffee7 oc:rainbow tashie210 earth pony211121 pegasus252429 pony870026 unicorn279371 butt39132 clothes420032 commissioner:bigonionbean1677 cookie3359 cutie mark42976 extra thicc767 female1273784 flank1319 food63163 fusion4709 fusion:quick coffee7 male338831 mare433152 not an alicorn64 plot72325 simple background354891 stallion96040 tongue out93312 transparent background183899 writer:bigonionbean1413


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