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Meet Gloomy Spirit :3

She is a bat pony alicorn, who is dedicated to performing the most powerful spells, as she wants and tries to become a very powerful pony.

Although she usually looks like a slimy and very malicious witch, however, she has a very humble and sweet heart that just lacks a little love from a special pony. She hopes that she is able to find love one day and help do magic together with her special somepony.

She has big dark circles under her eyes, due to the fact that she spends all night studying spells and not getting enough sleep. Because her magic is not as strong as others, she uses her staff to help direct her magic more precisely, and stores magic reserves in her gems.
safe1726826 artist:n0kkun363 oc697535 oc only455986 oc:gloomy spirit (witch)4 alicorn228405 bat pony50874 bat pony alicorn2127 pony987111 alicorn oc27108 bags under eyes2037 bat pony oc18179 bat wings9654 beaker204 cape10534 clothes467094 fangs26047 female1381186 gem6090 glass4736 grin39610 hat88344 hoof hold8432 hoof shoes5561 horn70672 horn ring5691 mare490875 markings1699 potion2182 ring3439 robe3703 simple background400980 smiling254244 solo1077942 staff2984 transparent background205424 wings111315 witch2382 witch costume248 witch hat3055


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