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When Brass Badge met Golden Lace, they both knew it would change their lives. She was a young and beautiful socialite, and he was a distinguished general. They got along immediately, and more importantly, they were a good match socially. From that first meeting, it didn't take long at all until they were wed.

But no sooner were they married then they learned the truth – that there is more to marriage than what they had thought. Especially when an unplanned foal is involved.

Cover art of my fanfic, The Setting Sun.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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If anyone's interested, here's an exceprt from the first chapter, which is available now on Fimfiction.

“A pleasure to make your acquaintance then, Miss Lace.”

“Perhaps I could give you a tour of the house as we drink to a new friendship? I could show you some of my father’s artwork and you could regale me with stories of your exploits against the griffon pirates.”

“Only if you permit me to get us each another drink,” Brass Badge said as he got to his hooves. “And perhaps this time we could toast to a blossoming friendship.”

“I should like that very much, General.”

Brass Badge flagged another caterer over and got them each another cocktail. He levitated both of them, then gave Golden Lace his hoof to help her up. Once she was on her hooves, he passed one of the cocktails into her magic field, then they walked into the manor.

In truth, the only work of art Brass Badge wanted to look at was the lovely mare who was showing him around, but he politely listened as they walked from picture to picture. In between, he told her of his role in bringing the hostage situation her cousin had been involved in to a close without any equine casualties.

“Have you fought a griffon?” Golden Lace asked.

For perhaps the first time, Brass Badge wished he had some combat experience. But alas, it was his mind that did Equestria justice, not his combat prowess. “I haven’t, I must admit, though my ponies have staved off griffon pirates and raiders more than once. They’re nasty things.”

“And what of ponies? Have you and your soldiers had to fight off threats from other ponies?”

“Sure.” Brass Badge shrugged. “Even among the situation your cousin was unfortunately caught up in, there were ponies among the griffon pirates as well. Pirates are like that, all sorts, you know.”

Golden Lace shivered. “I don’t understand how anypony could get involved in something like that.”

“Best to not think about it too much.” Brass Badge smiled. “And besides, you’ll always have me to protect you, Miss Lace.”

Golden Lace smiled coyly at that. “Can I count on you for that, General?”

“Miss, for you, I would put my very life on the line.”

“Careful,” she said, turning and swaying her tail seductively, “I might just hold you to that, General.”