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safe1749575 alternate version49728 artist:sollace704 derpibooru exclusive29302 twilight sparkle306023 alicorn232740 pony1009698 the hooffields and mccolts576 .svg available8458 chalkboard2921 crossing the line twice141 cute205591 female1401098 looking back60021 mare501793 mind blown250 open mouth154113 pointing4176 show accurate17035 simple background408827 smiling260623 solo1093799 text62152 twiabetes12262 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126163 vector77845 white background102422


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I mean… yeah I guess so. The closest we've gotten was that mirror portal, but even then from the ads for eqg of twilight standing on both sides of the portal it wouldn't appear that conservation of mass takes place for magic portals. And even then, those weren't exactly conventional humans
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Hollowfox Jaeger
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Still the Worst
Another use of false advertising would be that:

We thought eOne would strengthen Allspark in terms of financing and distribution since it merged with Hasbro. At least that's how I thought, but we were wrong.

R.I.P. Allspark.
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Background Pony #E210
But Hasbro does have brothers. It was founded by the Hassenfeld brothers. That’s why it’s called Hasbro. Get it right if you’re gonna be silly.
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