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I'm quite fascinated about the form. It's a shame, that the original version never got the chance to be continued due to damn copyright. I hope, you're doing well!

Arcanix belongs to :iconalexesx3:

Susan and Mary belong to WildBrain.

Base by :iconcookiechans2:
safe1705369 artist:cookiechans281 artist:lumi-infinite64124 fairy1003 human154594 equestria girls200264 alternate hairstyle28071 arcanix6 bare shoulders2559 barefoot27537 barely eqg related997 base used19768 cartoon network374 clothes459225 crossover62207 ear piercing26248 earring21097 equestria girls style648 equestria girls-ified9685 eyes closed93409 fairies94 fairies are magic115 fairy wings618 fairyized264 feet39856 fingerless gloves4643 gloves20064 jewelry63525 johnny test84 mary test20 piercing41053 strapless1633 susan test13 wings107182 winx208 winx club464 winxified221


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Background Pony #C990
I'm Idn't Expect To Seen More Johnny Test In Equestria Girls-Ified Again