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safe1584441 artist:higgly-chan406 sweetie belle46602 dog8525 pony854845 unicorn273079 blue background4161 bluey5 clothes413876 cosplay26749 costume24784 crossover58087 female1181790 filly59825 footed sleeper517 footie pajamas52 kigurumi499 onesie529 pajamas2945 simple background348295 sitting55724 solo980959 sweetie belle is not amused130 unamused14085


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Nightmare Fuel
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doesn't like much
@A Gruntman
to me MLP feels like it's for everyone. the primary audience is kids yes, but there is still stuff to like as an adult.
bluey is geared a lot more towards kids. like, really little kids. and the peppa pig-like setting doesn't help either. i hate to say it, but i find it weird to like a toddler's show, regardless of whether it's good or not
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A Gruntman
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@Nightmare Fuel
People say the same thing about MLP. Only replace "it's for kids" with "it's for girls." Not gonna make an entire paragraph defending a children's show, but I'm just gonna say Bluey has a good amount of heart and soul put into it. This isn't your typical Peppa Pig schlock.
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