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Originally posted on: June 21 2020

Trying out a different art program, so I decided to test it out by drawing some wholesome nerds ♡

Not gonna lie, but when I first saw Sunburst one of my thoughts was:
“I feel like he and Twi would be cute together.”

AND THEY ARE. Uncommon Bond solidified it for me XD I wanna draw more of them because this ship is pretty niche within the fandom.

*cough cough* Also because I really love them *cough cough*

You might be able to tell that I felt a little bit uncomfortable while using it, but I’ll get better òwó
safe1680636 artist:buttercupbella51828 sunburst6579 twilight sparkle297237 alicorn219533 pony942772 unicorn312623 blushing193205 eyes closed90482 female1339878 glasses60427 heart47273 male364018 mare468296 shipping196797 simple background384925 stallion105329 straight133817 twiburst136 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122397 white background95448


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