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Description: Cumming, xray and cum on chest edits are available! 
It’s an important duty for the princess of love assistant (♥ω♥*) 
(also holy crap its been 5 month since my last post in here) 
explicit417320 artist:burgerkiss511 queen chrysalis39075 shining armor25880 changeling58455 unicorn446782 anthro315866 adorasexy11411 alternate hair color363 ambiguous penetration3702 belly36163 belly blush526 belly button95777 big breasts106921 blushing238807 boob smothering752 bouncing5701 bouncing breasts4450 breast grab8933 breasts343428 breath2327 busty queen chrysalis4592 cameltoe10131 clothed female nude female2985 clothed female nude male2041 clothes559530 cowgirl position8574 cuckolding977 cuckquean358 curvy8419 drool30305 drool string7028 duo118029 eye clipping through hair10986 eye contact7337 eyebrows15369 eyebrows visible through hair7816 eyelashes21708 faceless female1980 fangs33264 female1604078 floppy ears64541 from behind16419 grope16860 hand on hip10916 heart61198 horn117378 horn licking241 hornjob1086 implied chrysarmordance24 implied polyamory54 implied princess cadance343 implied shipping6222 licking24398 lidded eyes39045 looking at each other27622 looking at you217224 looking back74128 looking over shoulder4427 male460109 moaning8128 moaning in pleasure4213 motion lines822 obscured penetration3199 offscreen character43981 open mouth197975 panties57646 polyamory7501 red underwear1449 sex148846 sexy38020 shining chrysalis560 shipping229832 short shirt1959 skindentation182 smothering876 steam2560 straight159634 stupid sexy chrysalis947 thick5469 thighs22396 thong7010 tight clothing3235 underboob4567 underwear70865 wide hips24543


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Background Pony #58E3
Is this explicit? I see no genital or nipples.
I don’t really care I’m just curious.
Background Pony #0FA8
I thought “burger kiss” was slang for what he was doing to her boobies. (.):D(.)
Background Pony #CC2A
Burgerkiss has still got it!
Also, still hoping to see some Chrysalis x Cadance lovin’!