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Trixie learns a new skill.
safe1586154 artist:tjpones3258 edit119552 editor:i-shooped-a-pwny129 part of a set9567 starlight glimmer44572 trixie62870 twilight sparkle283731 alicorn199508 pony856406 unicorn273766 1000 hours in ms paint5055 bust42132 comic101397 cute181183 dialogue59575 diatrixes2874 female1188504 hoof on chin457 mare426793 pure unfiltered evil1632 simple background349004 sitting55830 solo982321 that was easy10 trixie's pills27 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116189 wat18451 white background87222


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Background Pony #B4A7
I have a magical thing called a scrollbar, so the time wasted was minimal.