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safe1584449 artist:colorfulcolor233454 apple bloom46780 cheerilee9391 scootaloo49044 sweetie belle46602 earth pony205140 pegasus246601 pony854851 unicorn273080 abstract background12107 adorabloom2463 book30737 cheeribetes378 chest fluff32891 cute180784 cutealoo2578 cutie mark crusaders18096 diasweetes2620 eyes closed81182 female1181794 filly59825 heart43509 mare426031 open mouth124963 teacher860


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I'm referring to how she gradually became less of a presence despite being a good role model and important figure to the CMC as well and just being a likable character in the show. She didn't deserve to be thrown into the dust.
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Best I can guess is that they're referring to Cheerilee's lack of any romantic arc despite it being "eluded" to with Big Mac… I could go into how that idea has never made much sense given how the episode framed the whole interaction, but I won't do that unless that's actually what they're referring to.

However, it could also be referring to her lack of presence as the show went on, showing up plenty of times in the first few seasons and slowly going down from there.