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A huge collection of the main characters in MLP! Some of them have been altered a bit, but it’s mostly based on canon stuff!
safe1974636 artist:inspectorvalvert26 adagio dazzle14825 angel bunny10712 apple bloom56466 applejack188014 derpy hooves54040 discord34862 dj pon-331598 doctor whooves11441 flash magnus941 fluttershy238538 gallus8452 king sombra15982 lord tirek5849 meadowbrook952 mistmane873 ocellus6396 pinkie pie238843 pony of shadows565 princess cadance36784 princess celestia105203 princess flurry heart8618 princess luna109366 queen chrysalis39116 rainbow dash259682 rarity203395 rockhoof1277 sandbar6471 scootaloo55565 shining armor25902 silverstream7321 smolder10319 somnambula2257 spike87400 star swirl the bearded2224 starlight glimmer55396 sunset shimmer72770 sweetie belle53525 tempest shadow18256 thorax5091 time turner11435 trixie74781 twilight sparkle333316 vinyl scratch31598 yona6119 alicorn275059 centaur4159 changedling10454 changeling58548 changeling queen21167 classical hippogriff5998 draconequus17044 earth pony362860 griffon32943 hippogriff12219 pegasus408159 pony1327052 rabbit7248 siren2473 unicorn447929 yak5865 mlp fim's tenth anniversary589 angel is a bunny bastard236 angry32694 animal6425 applejack's hat11950 beak1541 broken horn15170 clothes560554 colored pupils11854 colored sclera783 cowboy hat21998 crown25060 curved horn9081 cutie mark crusaders20943 dark5005 egyptian pony704 everypony397 eyes closed121056 fangs33352 featured image1068 female1606251 fins2187 glasses77596 glowing eyes13682 gritted teeth16650 happy38459 happy birthday mlp:fim1535 hat109194 hero191 horn117763 jewelry91581 king thorax3531 large group7 male460927 mane seven7354 mane six35359 mare619866 nose piercing3515 nose ring2656 one eye closed39998 open mouth198353 piercing53676 pillars of equestria311 regalia29940 royal family97 royal sisters5630 scales1535 scepter1328 septum piercing1128 sisters13316 slit pupils6252 stallion150745 student six1990 tail66839 tongue out128949 trixie's hat5587 twilight scepter2104 wall of tags5430 wings175788


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@Communist Starlight  
Eh, I believe there is “rational anger” and “irrational hatred”. And imo, it’s not an either or deal, it’s a spectrum. For Angel, given the series of events in the show (comics not taken into account) I think he’s done more good for Shy than bad. That said, that doesn’t mean his behavior is always excusable.
That doesn’t necessarily make him bad, it just makes him for lack of a better term “flawed”.
Edit: I argue this could be applied to a lot of the characters really, especially Discord. You can say what you want about him, especially given the events of the finale, his presence did have an impact on our main characters for the better and he did grow from it as a result, them complimenting his flaws.
But that’s just my two cents
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Tirek: One day…..revenge will be mine…..  
King Sombra: THIS IS NOT THE END!!!!  
Tempest Shadow: I won’t be down for long…..  
Adagio Dazzle: I’ll be back! Just you wait! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠  
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Makes me so happy that Cozy wasn’t even allowed to be appear on this piece of art, but ANGEL is there (in the correct spot even) lol
Background Pony #7BEB
Oh your one of those angel bunny should be considered a villain types i see.