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YES, she’s not an alicorn. Just deal with it :P
explicit417249 artist:hentwi33 twilight sparkle332980 unicorn446688 anthro315806 adorasexy11407 armpits45188 bedroom eyes72585 belly button95747 breasts343320 busty twilight sparkle14536 cute236339 female1603778 inviting846 lying down32857 mare618673 nipples211644 nudity452418 on back29634 presenting29803 reasonably sized breasts2750 sexy38017 solo1268576 solo female207609 spread eagle260 unicorn twilight26274 vulva161079


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Artist -

Well I was drawing eyelashes this way way back like 5 years ago or so on my other account, even before then moment I found out about Evehly. Ears, well, yeah, I see what are yuu talking about. Partially inspired by Evehly directly, shame on me.  
Shading is inspired by another artist tho, who’s not even into MLP stuff. So it’s like 50/50, I took something from both of em, and filtered through my own experience