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safe1597449 alternate version36706 artist:chub-wub271 applejack161029 rarity172196 earth pony209886 pony867089 unicorn277964 alternate hairstyle25162 apple15027 applejack's hat5851 background removed1233 bedroom eyes53776 cake9076 cowboy hat13751 eating8873 eyeshadow13705 female1270720 food62913 fork818 freckles25605 glowing horn17196 hat78140 herbivore480 horn49139 lesbian91050 magic67216 makeup18592 mare431438 open mouth127070 plate1546 rarijack6664 shipping185952 simple background353441 stool1526 strawberry850 sun hat750 table8411 telekinesis25067 transparent background183168 umbrella2454


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