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Twiggly’s Culinary Escapades
safe1770554 artist:jargon scott2609 princess celestia97350 twilight sparkle308513 alicorn236281 pony1030594 unicorn350855 chibi14978 duo66320 female1419212 floppy ears55539 food74170 mare511396 microwave102 pure unfiltered evil1774 pushing869 reaching456 shocked7366 simple background415921 smiling267035 squatpony428 text63299 this will end in death2580 this will end in tears3464 this will end in tears and/or death2346 this will not end well1751 too big109 too dumb to live239 twiggie473 underhoof54536 unicorn twilight19216 watermelon743 white background104432 wide eyes17549 worried4091


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Instead of the watermelon had those wonder what experiments twilight tries that won’t end well is her wanting to nuke an airbag in the microwave oven.
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