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"Uh, sure, I can set you two up with a new bed, but uh, didn't I just sell you a new one last year? Did somethin' happen to it?"

Big Macintosh
"Uh, Fluttershy's bear friend jumped on it an' it broke… we're gonna need something stronger just in case it happens again."

*embarrassed whimper*

Um, happy Labor Day, everyone.

A day off, sales, and a fashion cliche are about the only things Labor Day means to me and I already made a joke about the fashion cliche last year.

Speaking of which:

Here's what I did for July 4th this year if you missed it:

You'll find the background I used for the outside of the shop here:

You can't really see it too well through the windows, but credit where it's due and all that.

The joke here is Big Mac and Fluttershy broke their old bed from making love too much too often and now they need a new one and are too embarrassed to admit to Davenport why they need a new, stronger bed.
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May Contain Enclave
They call him Big Mac for a reason ya know…
The single mare sleeping arrangements were woefully unprepared for such load bearing. xD