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I always wanted to do a humanised version of this: >>1840901

Also, my design for Ocellus isn’t quite finalised. She might look like a 30 year old librarian, but I tried to make her as young as Yona (late teens — early 20’s).
suggestive136923 artist:jamesawilliams1996214 ocellus5048 yona4913 equestria girls193394 what lies beneath1574 bbw4187 belly27097 belly button74019 big belly10350 big breasts77703 breasts265051 clothes441588 equestria girls-ified9233 eyes closed88064 fat21312 fat yona25 female1319562 females only11899 glasses59163 hole423 huge belly3033 morbidly obese7510 obese11088 pushing789 skirt38220 ssbbw1638 stuck2493 too fat95 too fat to fit79


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I can't help but imagine that if the Young 6 did have EqG counterparts, they'd still find a way to give Yona the same slim body type as everyone else, which wouldn't make much sense to me. Heck, she was seen as a normal-sized, but still adorable, pony in 'Fit Right In' during 'She's All Yak'.
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I know you don't always do scripts, but I was really hoping to see one for this one.
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"Hrrgh! Come on, Yona, suck your tummy in!…sigh It's no good. No offense, but you're just too big."
"Yona not too big! Yona best size for Yona!"
"Well, what might be the best size for you isn't the best size for this vent, I'm afraid."