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explicit417184 artist:nexcoyotlgt570 cookie crumbles1229 cup cake4628 anthro315754 anatomically incorrect4890 bedroom eyes72570 big breasts106859 breast overpour306 breasts343275 busty cup cake806 buttplug4702 chubby15450 clothes559320 dock61968 exposed breasts2717 female1603512 garter belt4941 lidded eyes39036 looking at you217137 looking back74089 looking back at you23245 looking over shoulder4427 milf11580 nipples211624 no taint11 nudity452342 see-through6475 sex toy30329 stockings42008 thick5466 thigh highs48819 undressing5969 vagina53393 vaginal secretions46793


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Background Pony #4EB0
@Background Pony #60C5
Well, technically no. The OG MILFs of MLP:FiM would be Cloudy Quartz and Twilight Velvet, who both debuted in Call of the Cutie (S1E12) (albeit in flashbacks). Cookie debuted in Sisterhooves Social (S2E5), and while Cup was in season 1, she wasn’t a mom (or a MILF, by extension) until Baby Cakes (S2E12).
Still, Cup and Cookie are some of the first MILFs in G4, and damn fine ones at that.