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Well, Whether she liked it or not, Pinkie got immortalized!

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semi-grimdark29125 suggestive137287 artist:blueblaze95194 rainbow dash228580 anthro250370 3d71746 absorption323 animated96251 bedroom eyes57297 belly27191 belly button74384 big belly10415 big breasts78011 breast expansion3285 breasts265964 burp1877 busty rainbow dash7859 complete nudity3624 dialogue63076 digestion2731 fat21385 fatal83 female1322940 growth5459 huge belly3075 huge breasts36570 implied pinkie pie685 impossibly large belly10015 impossibly large breasts16186 instant digestion25 nipples159084 nudity357121 pinkie prey414 preddash467 sound8198 source filmmaker43894 stomach noise2997 thigh expansion84 thighs11976 thunder thighs7804 vore13958 webm12274 weight gain4060


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Background Pony #3B7E
Can't say I ever care for all the belching. These are always absolute top tier elsewise, though.
Background Pony #38D0
I'd love to be part of her sexy body like that actually after a bit of struggle in her belly. Love the inner belly struggling and how absolutely fast she was digested and absorbed to heighten her sexiness.
Background Pony #844A
Haha this one's great too! I Love the incorporation of voices.

Which episode is the "How would you like to be immortalized as my friend?" Come from?
-Asking for a friend-