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”I wanted to give this to Daring, but she wanted something more rugged. Oh well, packing a bit extra heat’s always good!”

Months ago, CyonixCymatro made a sketch for me as a request, and I took some time to color it. Thanks for that, by the way! Twilight Velvet in your art style looks so cute and badass…

While you’re here, maybe you’d like to check out the fanfic that this art is based on? While Velvet hasn’t garnered the experience yet to to use guns in that fic, Spectrum of Lightning still contains action staples such as car chases, wingsuit stunts, and explosions sure to get your adrenaline flowing!
safe1681666 artist:cyonixcymatro39 artist:seriff-pilcrow36 twilight velvet4199 pony943755 unicorn312993 series:daring did tales of an adventurer's companion36 clothes450606 colored sketch2784 fanfic art14134 female1340816 gun15719 handgun2684 jacket12221 leather jacket3187 levitation11851 magic71998 mama bear96 pistol2052 scar11712 smiling241551 solo1047189 telekinesis27139 usp30 usp match1 weapon29920


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