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doodled up a thing of my oc Puppy! She is based of the Vtuber: Inugami Korone!
She is not the brightest but is super sweet and friendly. Often getting stuck in silly situations! She loves naps and treats (maybe a little too much). She has a short attention span and tires out super easily
safe1722840 artist:angelbeat-drift38 oc694838 oc:puppy62 dog9638 dog pony218 original species25511 semi-anthro13377 belly28856 belly button79118 bipedal35141 blushing200245 bone3091 braid5952 chubby13292 clothes465557 collar33700 floppy ears53008 frog (hoof)13261 heterochromia5545 i'm baby2 looking at you171371 open mouth149077 plump7226 raised hoof47350 simple background399542 smiling253129 socks67220 staring at you45 stomach790 text60283 thigh highs37041 underhoof52686


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