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suggestive162423 artist:andromailus77 discord33639 king sombra15145 lord tirek5695 centaur3971 draconequus15411 pony1228005 unicorn402934 abs12909 big breasts97934 breasts319725 busty lady tirek23 dialogue74805 eris2075 implied anon788 lady tirek133 queen umbra1306 reversed gender roles equestria138 rule 6329334 simple background464787


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@Brass Melody  
I like Eris because as a villain she’d have that misunderstood element about her. Plus there was this one image of her on this site doing duck face selfish with r63 tirek and it was such high quality cuteness that it forever made me an Eris fan
Brass Melody
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I mean this. And like I said in an earlier comment, Eris and Queen Umbra would especially be worth it. The former because you literally have a goddess of reality able to fulfill any fantasy or desire you so wish and the latter because power is goddamn sexy.
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Oh! I saw you post the WIP in the Eris thread awhile back! Looks great!  
Eris is totally wrong, though; I like my favorite chaos noodle in part because of how sleek and noodly she is!
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Eris: Guess what?! i can have those strange chest udders too! and not only 2, i can have many of them how i wish!