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To small for me
Flurry enjoys of his holiday but she don’t like when it’s to much calm , need of more action
Little test animation a bit derp but atleast it’s make x)  
Thank again at Lala for the voice ! She is in surgery so i can’t ask her to voice the other animation at the moment , Give your praise for her .  
explicit417107 artist:hooves-art1446 artist:lalalexxi188 princess flurry heart8604 alicorn274443 unicorn446393 anthro315712 plantigrade anthro43023 3d104035 60 fps693 animated113003 barefoot32559 bedroom eyes72562 bikini22387 bouncing5700 bouncing breasts4450 breasts343216 busty princess flurry heart258 clothed male nude female1797 clothes559220 cock kissing313 cocktail447 collar41460 feet48657 female1603327 femdom9423 foot fetish9918 foot worship904 guardflurry20 horsecock86013 imminent sex9054 impossibly large penis16891 inner tube880 insult438 levitation14273 lidded eyes39013 looking at each other27607 magic86483 male459839 nudity452266 older34147 older flurry heart2222 penis187549 princess slutty-heart34 royal guard9545 size queen48 small penis humiliation597 smaller female335 sound12982 source filmmaker59192 straight159578 stupid sexy princess flurry heart195 sunglasses18392 swimsuit34731 telekinesis34241 voice acting1002 vulgar23391 webm19821 wingless6047 wingless alicorn283 wingless anthro3266


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OUCH! Look where her toes land! Right on the teeth.
Either that guard has just lost all those teeth or flurry just got multiple toe nails lifted out.
Quite a painful experience, like squidward moving the couch painful.
Background Pony #EA27
damn this looks like it could be its own like…. ten minute video of just flurry and this guard lol
Hooves you should to this, 10 minute of Flurry and her guard with different sex position. A personal project maybe
Background Pony #0BD3
damn this looks like it could be its own like…. ten minute video of just flurry and this guard lol
Background Pony #529B
Bet she only talks like that because the guard actually likes it and it inspires him to pound her that much harder.