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Thanks to Alcor for providing the art assets. Original Derpibooru image here.
This has been sitting in my projects folder mostly finished for over a year, so I decided to finally get it done. I’m glad I did! I’m very grateful for commission work but I was long overdue to make an animation of an image I love just for fun. Be sure to follow my artist tag or my Twitter if you’d like to see more animations from me in the future. Don’t forget to unmute for sound, and enjoy.
explicit418081 artist:alcor1171 artist:legendanger56 fluttershy238540 pegasus408165 pony1327058 60 fps693 abdominal bulge8168 absurd file size2748 adorasexy11428 ahegao29877 anatomically correct30146 animated113177 anus119322 audible creampie164 blurry background1663 blushing239239 book39374 bookshelf4780 bulges786 butt180104 clitoris35005 consentacles1378 couch10673 crepuscular rays3947 crotchboobs25826 curvy8440 cute236823 cute porn6735 dock62133 dripping6921 drool30368 drool string7041 ear blush1238 ear fluff41805 egg4838 egg insertion439 eldritch abomination971 eyelashes21792 eyes rolling back3515 female1606261 floppy ears64639 fluttershy's cottage (interior)267 from behind16450 giggling1027 giggling in pleasure12 happy sex2594 heart clitoris1816 impregnation3852 indoors5162 inflation11269 insertion21109 interspecies27793 laughing9706 lidded eyes39165 looking at something3912 looking at you217759 looking back74257 mare619870 messy mane9185 moaning8146 moaning in pleasure4224 nipples212168 nose wrinkle3540 nudity453341 open mouth198356 oviposition2418 penetration74779 perfect loop1877 perineal raphe1245 plot116640 ponut55259 presenting29855 raised tail21318 sex149137 sexy38118 shivering2358 smiling332181 sound13052 spread legs25068 spread wings75687 spreading25424 sweat33754 tail66840 teats9440 tentacle porn9396 tentacles13910 tentacles on female5152 the ass was fat18640 thick5473 thighs22504 thunder thighs12718 tongue out128950 trembling847 vaginal49189 vaginal secretions46892 vulva161546 wall of tags5430 webm19908 wide hips24635 wingboner9106 wings175788


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The original image looked like the tentacle was firmly stuck in the womb and pumping her full of eggs. No pistoning motion.
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@Background Pony #D329  
The tentacle eye? I thought about doing a version without it. Between that, the suggestions for more inflation, and a no-crotchboobs option I was personally thinking about, I suppose there are a lot of versions I could make of this if I get a chance. 🤔
Non-Fungible Trixie -
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Well done! I was a tad concerned for the first 18 seconds, worried that the animator had somehow misunderstood what was being depicted in the image.
Background Pony #342B
There’s a sorry lack of Alcor animations, glad to see more, and so well done.
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Hoofsies Rule
wow great sounds and unnnf animation <3 love how her belly is bulding a bit and the juices! would have loved if the finish made her belly grow!