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I'm sure Luna is urging Twilight in her dreams to go to the archives specifically to annoy Tia hehe

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safe1750434 artist:sinrinf118 princess celestia96754 princess luna100783 twilight sparkle306091 alicorn232884 pony1010504 unicorn342283 :t3865 annoyed5599 behaving like a cat2244 belly fluff253 broken english141 caught3460 celestia is not amused546 cheek fluff5927 cute205693 cutelestia3670 dialogue67938 ear fluff31195 eyebrows6444 eyebrows visible through hair3199 female1401811 filly69618 filly twilight sparkle2773 floppy ears54498 fluffy14700 glare8303 gray background7679 grumpy2597 grumpy twilight292 horn77600 leg fluff3197 mare502162 messy mane7925 missing accessory8377 misspelling2497 momlestia1005 mouth hold18071 offscreen character35729 pouting2019 scruff133 shoulder fluff1947 simple background409105 sketch64528 sleepy1671 smol672 speech bubble24423 spread wings57058 talking6143 twiabetes12264 twilight is not amused1519 unamused16756 unicorn twilight18694 wall of tags3655 wing fluff1683 wings123107 younger17764


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Celestia: "Twilight the forbidden knowledge of lost ages has been there for Eons and they'll still be there in the morning."

Very true, but knowing Twily she might simply flip the fuck out :P
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