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Applejack needs someone to take care of her, now that Big Macintosh is taken :(
explicit416826 artist:welost290 applejack187740 earth pony361066 pony1322433 anatomically correct29977 anus118867 applebutt5642 blonde mane497 blonde tail137 blushing238491 both cutie marks12548 butt178702 butt freckles2615 cuckquean358 dialogue80078 dock61908 eyebrows up15 female1602386 female ejaculation238 female orgasm1204 floppy ears64460 freckles36467 green eyes6858 hatless2336 hoofing711 implied big macintosh474 implied sugar belle42 implied sugarmac72 lidded eyes38977 lying down32707 mare617857 masturbation21814 missing accessory9249 nudity451954 offscreen character43899 offscreen sex187 orange fur158 orgasm15439 pleasure836 plot114963 ponut55008 rear view18151 solo1267803 solo female207409 stealth masturbation259 tail66155 tomboy1402 vagina53365 vaginal secretions46732 vulva160788


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Background Pony #ABDA
Oooh, that’s kinky. What a naughty Applejack, eavesdropping and masturbating while listening to her brother really plow (presumably) Sugar Belle :)
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

AJ had this big red stallion all to herself for years but now some hussy comes along to steal him away. Must be super frustrating. I bet when he sleeps she has her fun with her brother to get what she’s been denied over the years. That would be hot to see.
Background Pony #46BD
I prefer to believe Big Mac has enough stamina for both of them. Sugar Belle just gets him first since they’re married and all.