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Decided to do my own coloring of this for purposes of using as a thumbnail for a story.

Realized I neglected to account for cameltoe, oops.

See original here: >>1034462

The story in question.
suggestive130778 artist:nonuberis315 artist:sirmasterdufel805 rarity172390 anthro236221 the cutie re-mark3038 alternate timeline2730 ass43824 bbw3998 bottomless12529 breasts249109 busty rarity11459 butt38413 clothes419391 dialogue60154 duster795 dusting49 dustpan35 fat20357 female1272377 looking at you149630 looking back50888 night guard1689 night maid rarity269 night maid rearity27 nightmare takeover timeline474 obese10533 partial nudity17962 rarithighs91 raritubby955 rearity3936 sketch58316 solo991766 solo female169961 ssbbw1537 thighs9430 thunder thighs7022 uniform9588


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