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This is probably one of my favourite art pieces! This piece represents the fight between Twilight and Tirek if you couldn't tell already haha. I had a lot of fun testing the colours and shadings on this one! I hope you all like it! <3

By the way, if you couldn't tell, I'm going to be drawing all of the Mane 6 progressively! :) If you're interested, I'll be updating my Derpibooru and my DeviantArt account when I'm done those pieces!

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safe1750166 artist:crystalbay14 lord tirek5414 twilight sparkle306074 alicorn232843 pony1010218 season 42843 twilight's kingdom3169 angry28063 beautiful5780 cloud32074 colorful327 colourful110 dirt796 fierce47 fight6298 fight scene14 flying39405 high782 kingdom6 magic75374 magical26 power98 powerful55 rage1559 rainbow4733 rock4594 shading1985 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126181 upset1236 wings123053


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Background Pony #1EDB
she will launching starlight breaker! not spirit bomb or all move from dragon ball, those move are NOT magic, the magic from magical girl lyrical nanoha suit her more plus Twilight is like Nanoha, she fight her enemy and some of them be reform plus nanoha is powerful yes but she her power don't make her as OP like dragon ball character who blow up a planet, ones you have this level of power is make you a op, Goku is NOT a hero, he fight only for his own fun but yes he protect those he care but he let the bad guy be on his 100% and put the planet and all his people in danger, sure he look to beat his foe on their best but is still something stupid, soon or late this will be his downfall,Twilight will never let those be on their 100% and put everyone in risk, if she want fight someone fair and square, she will look for someone who is not a tread for everyone, and is the same in magical girl lyrical nanoha, every good guys in the serie don't put everyone in danger for the sake be stronger and all them are more heroes them DBZ character…well some in dbz are hero but be too op, well in their serie is don't look as OP by the fact some character beat them, but if you put Goku in other serie who are not even close of their power level foe, will make him a OP, this is why i don't goku, his reason to stronger i hate, he never stop train, he do mostly nothing, what he do the most is eat,train, fight and sleep. but this when he want to do it but what he don't want to do it but he do it by force, work on the gardin for make food* force by his wife* he stupid, i see stupid character be more hero then him but become smarter through the serie, like Naruto*well not genuine but he less stupid he use to be* Twilight do train in magic but he work and do what is need to do, she don't need somepony force her to do her job and she train for the sake be more powerful but to master the power she already have, yes she love learn new spell but learning don't make it mastered, this why she practice of it to master it, she pass time with her friends or even help, Goku, he help or go see his friends when food is invol or the planet is in danger, that it, hate it, sure he good guy and don't like see someone powerful hurt those are weaker,this i respect this of him but the rest of him i hate!