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safe1690218 artist:artmlpk268 sunset shimmer62318 equestria girls198097 legend of everfree7949 adorable face1488 adorasexy9604 adorkable3522 beautiful5499 belt5370 camp97 camp everfree outfits1796 cute197452 digital art18212 dork3791 female1348124 grin37683 hips2655 lens flare1778 looking at you165638 open mouth142473 plant2068 rock4390 sexy28896 shimmerbetes4335 smiling243671 smiling at you3036 solo1053082 tree31781 water12927 watermark15784


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Background Pony #ED76

It hasn't always been, though. Over time their clothes have slowly gotten tighter and more revealing and their proportions have gotten more and more… shall we say, "buxom". They seem to be enjoying tap-dancing right on the line between Safe and Suggestive, with honestly some pics stepping over and yet somehow managing to avoid mods marking it Suggestive. Twilight's cow costume is probably the best example. You would only find an outfit like that in a Victoria's Secret.

Even this pic is kinda borderline. I don't know if anybody makes T-shirts that hug the bosom THAT TIGHTLY. Her clothes are so form-fitting I would believe it if you told me it was body paint.

However, I don't mean any of this as a negative. Art is about self-expression, and if the artist wants to push the boundaries of what they are comfortable with, I would absolutely encourage that, wherever it takes them.
Artist -

Yo yo yo it’s just a drawing, it’s nothing compared to the ones I’ve seen of sunset shimmer, there are probably or are other drawings out there of characters with some really over exaggerated features just saying, not to put hate but if you have nothing nice to say keep it to yourself, no one needs to know that you don’t like what the artist does assuming from this drawing, and at least appreciate that this artist doesn’t do any mature content, This is her art style and always has been if you haven’t checked through her previous artworks,ok?
Background Pony #8AAC
Ewww the boobs are way too big though, kinda thought you don't do stuff like this (considering I'm not a boob interest and am a male)