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safe1751826 artist:lunar_cosmos7 luster dawn1653 starlight glimmer49823 sunburst7014 pony1011712 unicorn342803 adorkable3587 blaze (coat marking)1669 coat markings5439 cute205832 daaaaaaaaaaaw4691 dork3866 facial markings2278 father and child1031 father and daughter2690 female1403022 filly69734 filly luster dawn44 glasses64772 glimmerbetes3908 gray background7695 happy family12 headcanon2371 luster dawn is starlight's and sunburst's daughter94 lusterbetes142 male388445 mama starlight67 mare502764 mother and child2649 mother and daughter6097 offspring40919 papa sunburst45 parent:starlight glimmer1521 parent:sunburst1171 parents and child24 parents:starburst548 simple background409620 socks (coat markings)3213 stallion115890 sunbetes293 sunburst's glasses448


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Background Pony #841A

Best headcanon, btw. Would’ve added a ton to Starlight and Co.’s characters had it actually been in the show.

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Background Pony #0064

Many People Say “Luster Dawn Is Tarlight’s And Sunburst’s Daughter

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