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@Background Pony #5EC2

Well yeah, but the definition of "can't" that I'm using here is "I can't because it's a bad idea."


I get Smucker's Peanut Butter in Glass Jars all the time… Not that I have any idea how the jars compare to these Hellmann's Mayo jars that you're talking about.

Speaking of Mayo, I miss Nasoya's Nayonnaise. It was a Soybean variety of Mayo, and it seems to have been discontinued in 2017.
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Go fsck yourself
@Background Pony #5EC2
It gets worse: if you've never gotten ketchup in a laceration before, lemme tell ya, it burns like mad. It's the vinegar and salt, common to almost all ketchups. So after you've squeezed the bottle, it's broken, and your meal is ruined, you'll be screaming in pain all the way to the ER to get it cleaned & stitched up. :)

Serious note, though: I miss the glass jars because mayonnaise used to come in relatively BIG ones that were perfect for oh-so-many projects, organization, cleaning parts or paint brushes, you name it. Sure, I still get Smucker's jelly in glass jars, and those are handy, but the size of the old Hellman's was great. Thank goodness pickles still come in such jars, but I think those are some of the last holdouts.
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I mean, you can squeeze the glass, but at best, it won't do anything, and at worst, it'll shatter, getting shards of glass both in the ketchup and your hands, causing you to need a trip to the ER.
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I miss glass jars.

They still make them and some products are still packaged in them, in particular things like pickles and pasta sauce. Though yes, it's true that glass jars are less commonly encountered than they once were.
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The birds & the *WHEEZE*
Only one way to solve this. It's an old technique passed down through the generations…