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A continuation of Fluttershy's adventure devouring more of ponyville. Really should have tested the quality of that shrinking potion though ;3

Commissioned By: Zacharyisaacs


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explicit338218 grimdark29622 artist:blueblaze95193 bon bon16040 cloudchaser3787 flitter2940 fluttershy207319 lightning dust4422 lyra heartstrings28939 spitfire13137 sweetie drops16040 anthro249574 plantigrade anthro30618 3d71498 anal vore1034 animated96065 ass46833 bag4228 barefoot26535 bedroom eyes57116 belly27099 belly button74020 belly expansion506 big belly10352 big breasts77703 bouncing4680 bouncing breasts3643 breast expansion3277 breasts265051 burp1852 busty bon bon536 busty cloudchaser241 busty flitter209 busty fluttershy16472 busty lightning dust231 busty lyra heartstrings918 busty spitfire967 butt50347 butt expansion1108 complete nudity3611 digestion2729 fat21314 fatal82 feet38143 female1319576 females only11899 fetish38050 flutterbutt4817 flutterpred614 growth5444 huge belly3033 huge breasts36463 hyper9789 hyper belly604 hyper breasts4426 impossibly large belly9988 impossibly large breasts16144 jar999 large butt15450 looking at you159725 micro8679 nipples158311 nudity355824 sequence1005 sound8151 source filmmaker43759 stomach growling20 stomach noise2981 vore13923 vulva122361 webm12194 weight gain3997


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Background Pony #826D
There just isn't enough content involving post-vore size returning.
Posted Report
Background Pony #AD5B
…How does the glass jar not break inside of her?

reminds me of a certain video of that one guy…
Background Pony #A5A0
would have been nice to get an internal shot of them all fucking in there…
Background Pony #1B83
Aint nothing like nomming a bunch of tinys after a long adventure with the girls.

OMG That POV part 0_0