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safe2172335 artist:pridark2475 princess luna117099 alicorn313705 butterfly9746 pony1600540 g42027047 :<1579 cheek fluff9479 confused6680 cute265497 cutie mark51372 daaaaaaaaaaaw7004 ear fluff50552 eyes on the prize6829 female1800515 filly97257 floppy ears72895 flower39386 fluffy19549 foal44079 grass15305 high res407705 hoof over mouth508 leg fluff5098 looking at something5031 looking up23992 lunabetes4371 lying down46565 nature2719 on back34194 pridark is trying to murder us61 reflection4670 solo1424486 spread wings94288 underhoof68880 weapons-grade cute4654 wings222466 woona5668 younger22810


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Lily Fathom
Anyone still do this at night “looking up at the stars?” Even as an adult and don’t need your kid to have an excuse to do so? Off Spray is a gift from above while doing this. Just saying XD
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
Pridark nails it again! This drawing of Luna (or Woona) looks absolutely stunning! Everything about it, from the lighting to the texture to the proportions, makes this look like a true work of art. Glad it is getting so much love from this community