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safe1752693 artist:uotapo959 edit136026 cozy glow7738 diamond tiara10406 queen chrysalis35503 silver spoon6649 equestria girls207523 background pony strikes again1277 belly button81467 belt5862 blushing204971 braided ponytail289 caption22089 cellphone3942 clothes476665 compression shorts1330 cozybetes1241 cursed image745 cute205941 cute little fangs2199 cutealis2172 cuties3 denim shorts732 diamondbetes537 dress46129 equestria girls-ified10122 fangs26743 fbi open up32 female1403759 glasses64832 iphone648 jewelry68534 laughing8312 legs8849 looking at you175996 midriff19867 necklace20589 netflix399 oh god damn it no10 oh god no47 open mouth154851 phone6760 short shirt1618 shorts14554 silverbetes304 skirt41126 thanks i hate it33 thighs15114 this will not end well1715 tomboy1163 unfortunate implications129 we are going to hell693 young1645 younger17782


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Background Pony #DF2B
Cute picture, even if I want to burn the reference material and scatter the ashes.
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Background Pony #6774
If you find a way to fuck Queen Chrysalis, let me know. And it’d better not be the Bleach Portal To Equestria, because I’m not falling for that one again.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Genuine question: is it wrong to wanna fuck these girls in fantasies, but won’t actually attempt to perform the act irl?
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